Business Executive Career

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There are many different jobs for a business executive. A few positions include small business owner, department store manager, and government executives. Business executives have many duties that depend on the amount of people on their staff. Business executives are in charge of their organization, and they create and review goals for the company. In addition to those few duties, business executives oversee budgets and negotiate contracts with outside agencies. Being a business executive has always been a goal of mine because they are paid very well, and there will always be job openings for the position. Business executives have to be able to perform a variety of tasks. Business executives have to meet with their staff often, which means …show more content…
For example, one that is a business executive needs to be able to communicate and work with other people. Another important thing is that a business executive needs to perceive and visualize a pattern that is hidden in distracting material. Also, they need to be able to motivate and help people work (“Skills and Abilities”). I have the ability to communicate and work well with others. High school has taught me to work with others because of all the group projects and activities we perform. One of my main goals that I had searching for a job, was for that job to have motivation involved. I have always wanted to motivate others, in any way …show more content…
For example, one that is a business executive likes to work with a set procedure and schedule. Business executives also have enterprising interests. Business executives have a wide variety of values, but the most popular value is that they consider relationships with their staff important (“Interests and Values”). I consider relationships with all people important, so that wouldn’t be a transition for me. I follow a set schedule every day, so that is something I have looked for in a job because I like knowing what i am going to do before I do it.

After doing all this research on the career of a business executive, I have decided that I am going to continue to pursue this occupation. I am going to pursue this career because it pays well, and it has everything that I am looking for in a career. The working conditions are indoors, which is what I am looking for in a career. I share a lot of common interests and abilities that a lot of the business executives have. I am already starting to prepare for this occupation, by taking some high school classes that will help

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