Optimum Job Analysis

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When entering adulthood, one has to find a job to feed his/her own life or his/her family, but finding an optimal job is not an easy task to accomplish. An optimal job is a job that has the longest “Stability” in your entire career. However, based on each individual choice, job stability will vary from time to time and from people to people. It can be age, or purposes, or expectations that can lead to this variation. First, in the work force of every country around the world, there is a diversity of generations that fuels the whole economic system. For example, in the heavy industry, the youth can easily be more stable than the old because the job requires more strength and mobility to function which the old are lacking every single day. …show more content…
Some might find money as their motivation, but some consider their job will benefit society as a whole or their own family and themselves. For example, teaching is a job for bettering society because “teaching requires time and the reward is low. Teaching is an art” (Tran. Interview). However, you can in some way make use of your uniqueness to teach other people something that they always have but not notice it (Hill, 104). There are endless possibilities out there, so to have one objective in life can easily be done on our own. A wise old man once said: “Any reason is a good one.” So to have a stable job based on each individual purpose depends solely on the situation each person has to face. “My plan is a rollercoaster; you will ride it when you could be with your friends, because of the rush it gives; the highs and the lows” (Hill 104). Either we can accomplish our goals with our friends, or we can force our way to the door of success. “Everything happens for a reason” – …show more content…
“Security IS an illusion” (Hill 104). A normal human being can easily be manipulated by age, or by the ambitions, or by the wishes. Therefore, learning how to find balance between these elements will likely help us find our path leading to the ideal “Stability” in a job. “If you want your job to be stable, you have to make yourself irreplaceable and reliable, and you have to show your willingness to do difficult tasks given by the boss that no one can do” (Tran, Interview). Above all else, it is up to us to find out the solution to our problems. When we die, we die alone, so make our life worthwhile, and if we can pull it off, everyone will remember you in one way or

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