The Importance Of Job Interview

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Job interviews are the most important step in the challenging course of finding a job. A job interview is often a chance to make a first impression with a company or organization, which can make a huge impact on whether or not one is offered a job. Job interviews also serve as a two-way street for the exchange of information (Joseph). The interview provides a selling opportunity for the organization as well as the candidate (Joseph). The interview allows for one to explain to the company exactly how they can positively impact the company. Candidates can describe past working experiences and the skills that they used in those experiences. One’s performance at a job interviews can be life changing, which is why job interviews are so important …show more content…
A candidate must still perform during the interview and impress the company or organization in order to earn a job offer. A candidate should be confident and comfortable and be himself during an interview. A candidate should do all they can to avoid freezing up. No matter how well one’s resume is, if one cannot make it through a face to face interview without crumbling, companies will be unlikely to believe that one will be able to withstand the rigors of a normal job (Andersen). Although confidence is very important during an interview, one should not dominate the conversation in the interview. Even if one is very talkative and has a strong personality, he or she must not control the conversation and should allow for the interviewer to ask questions and put in their own input. Also, the candidate should not be too confident, because the interviewer could interpret them as being cocky, rather than simply being confident. A candidate should also never throw someone under the bus. For example, an interviewer does not want to hear a candidate complain about a former employer or boss, because the candidate will likely feel that way towards the interviewer’s company. Saying negative things about past work life in an interview will only give the impression that one is both a complainer and indiscreet (Andersen). Job candidates are often told to be clear about what they need and expect from the job, rather than just accepting whatever is offered. However, a candidate should not focus on the perks of the job, like how many vacation and sick days one will receive, rather than the job opportunity itself. (Andersen). Lastly, a job candidate must be completely honest during an interview, and avoid stretching the truth at all costs. It is much better for a candidate to be upfront about anything less than stellar, and offer a simple explanation

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