The Importance Of Investing In Education

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In people a time when we are still recovering from an economic down turn it has become a priority to increase the capability of our workforce. A report prepared by the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Education out lines this importance:
American companies and businesses require a highly skilled workforce to meet the demands of today’s increasingly competitive global economy. Higher education is provided through a complex public-private market, with many different individuals and institutions participating (“Economics”).
Creating an environment that provides students with the best chance of success would increase the skill of our work force, and would make it better fit to compete globally. Investing in education would greatly
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Right now students are mostly in charge of their own guidance. In a report outline for the Boston Foundation the point is made, “The new consensus contends that community college students face too many bewildering choices—and receive too little support in making decisions that enable them to select, enter, progress through and complete a credential program successfully and efficiently” (Kazis & Couturier). If they want to look and work hard they can find the guidelines and requirement they need to meet for the program they want to pursue. What about the students who aren’t sure yet what program they want to complete? They need to be guided to the most relevant, versatile courses that will keep their momentum going no matter what they eventually choose to pursue. It is important not to slow their progress, because it deters student the student from finishing out a program at all. The same report goes on to say that the more time it takes a student to find their success plan, the more likely they are to give up before they reach their goals. It is crucial to improving the success of students to provide them with an excellent guidance system. To do this schools should enlist more student advisors, and give each a fewer number of students to give individuals more attention. Specialized advisors for certain programs are also an excellent addition to student …show more content…
Encouraging student to choose a major early on is beneficial to a student’s success. The Community College Research says the longer it takes a student to choose their major the odds of earning a credential drops (Kazis & Couturier). To help students with this huge decision schools need to be able to provide them with useful information, and again invest in more effective advising. Students need a path to follow and need to be pushed to focus and choose a major or program of study. Students need a success plan that is structured and clear and in order for that success plan to be put in place they must start with choosing that path. It is an important first step, so colleges equipping colleges to be helpful in that choice would greatly improve

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