Retired Person Interview

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Conducting my interviews between a person with a disability, a retired person, a parent of a preschool aged child, an adolescent, I found that there are many differences between what they consider a meaningful activity. The occupations of these four different people are centered on what is important in their point of their life. These differences show that throughout one’s lifespan, your priorities and how you spend your life are destined to change. I first conducted an interview with a female with a disability named Liz. She was born with Spina bifida and has been adapting to it her whole life. She is able to functionally walk with splints and has a normally developed cognitive functioning. She is a college student and is able to do the majority of her occupations independently. Starting with her ADLs, she talked about how her limited motion and minimal feeling in her legs make self-care more challenging. She is able to shower with certain accommodations including a …show more content…
Education is very important for Liz. She goes to Elmira College and studies Veterinary science. She is a very intelligence young woman and excels in her program. Being able to go to school is very important for Liz. She has always loved animals and has wanted to be a Vet for most of her life. This specific occupation is the one that is helping her achieve her dreams in life so it has very special meaning to her. Liz encountered a barrier when she first wanted to go to Elmira College. Liz needed a handicapped room to be able to have more mobility around her room and bathroom. At Elmira, they didn’t offer any handicapped rooms so this was something that was in the way of her receiving an education at Elmira, her dream school. The school ended up building her a handicapped room where she now resides. Education is very important to young adults in college. It is a self-fulfilling and accomplishing occupation that can influence some of the later choices one makes in

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