The Importance Of International Human Resource Management

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International Human Resource Management is combined of activities that are aimed to manage organizational human resources at the international level. Managing international HR enables a business to compete more successfully in the world market place (Du Plessis, 2010). The purpose is used so that organizational objectives are met and that there is a competitive advantage over the competitors at the national and international level. Just as with any normal functions that makeup human resources, management is responsible for recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal and terminations, which is done at international level.
Merck & Co. is known as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies with some being worldwide. As the company
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The drawback in this situation is that there may be a cultural gap in between the host and home country that may cause communication difficulties between managers.
The geocentric approach focus is to employ managers that can efficiently manage the businesses, regardless of whether they are from the host or the home country. However, the downfall could be a difficulty finding employees that are willing to relocate to the host country. This approach can be very expensive due to a more intensified dealing with transferring an employee along with training and relocation which can be complex in a worldwide operation.
Lastly, we discuss the region centric approach in which employees are from countries that are within a particular geographic area. The difficulties in using this approach are that those which are employed may have difficulty understanding the home country views. There can also be a lack of international experience among those that are hired, which could result in poor decision

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