The Importance Of Intercultural Education

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As the US population is becoming increasingly diverse due to globalization, our schools and classrooms are becoming filled with multiethnic students from different cultures and countries. Now having that in mind, the school systems, educators, and policies must tolerate the fact that these students are not like the native ones. They think, act, and talk differently. Intercultural education for the educators to have certain skills to communicate with the a globalizing classroom is very essential in raising and improving the community as a whole, and it eventually can resolve many implications that both the educators and the students face on daily basis.

Why are there implications between unskilled educators and students from a different culture?
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Certain skills must be taught to educators in dealing with students from different cultures. Education, awareness, and having a global perspective is highly important to be gained by staff at corrections or at any workplace. It is not always in our benefit to apply all of our rules and policies on everyone as not everyone is the same. Equality is not the same as …show more content…
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