Three Ways Of Interpersonal Communication

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Inter personal communication is the process that we use to communicate our ideas, thoughts, and feelings to another person (Han, 2015). It is an important part of everyday life – personally and professionally. However, not everyone is naturally good at it and for most people, they need to learn and practice over time before they can communicate with ease. In this ease I will write about three ways that interpersonal communication can be enhanced to avoid misinterpretation in three main points: when you speak, using nonverbal communication, and feedback from attentive listening and observing.
There are a lot of thing you should do during talking with person to avoid misinterpretation and we have three points. First, we must focus fully on the
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Most of the people focused more in nonverbal signals and more explaining what you want to say so, the first is body language ''body language often misinterprets what he sees"(Julius, 1970). It is one form of the nonverbal communication. It is very important to the person understanding your body language, but most of the people don't know how to use body language so the person who listens to you will feel confused. However they must learn more about body language to avoid misinterpretation. They should watching movie and focus of how the person moving and used body language. Next is facial expression. People who use facial expressions listener understand him quickly because appears if he sad or surprised or angry or happy. Also it an important part of effective communication and when you speak your face is clearer than any part of your body and they focus more for your face. However, you must practice in front of a mirror what expressions you use while speaking and study how to control your facial expressions. Third one of nonverbal communication is eye contact and is very important to maintain it. If you speak and using eye contact that give listener more motivated to listen more for you. In addition is important to improve it, so be confident for you. Another thing tries to talking with a group because you will focus for all the members of

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