The Importance Of Intellective Education

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Indonesia implemented the inclusive education framework in 2003 by issuing the national educational law No. 20 and followed by the Ministry of Educational and Culture law No. 70 in 2009 that mainstream high schools in every district and mainstream primary and secondary schools in every sub-district should be accessible for students with disability. Hence, the government endeavors to provide wider education accessibility for all children from any background and needs. There are many benefit of inclusive education identified in the research literature. For instance, Wang and Baker (1994-1995 cited in Katz & Mirenda 2002) conclude that mainstream schools can support students with disabilities and help them attain a positive attitude and effective learning. However, the implementation of inclusive education includes barriers, such as negative perception about disabilities, teacher’s insufficient knowledge
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The teachers should be capable on specific skills such as asses the student’s needs, compose the individual educational program (IEP), delivering the subject matter by appropriate approach, evaluate the student’s performances and willing to collaborate with other professionals. Unfortunately, in Indonesia most of the teachers in the mainstream schools are not prepared by adequate knowledge and skills about teach the student with disabilities on their pre-services training. They only study about general educational knowledge which impact their awareness and skill on special education. For instance, Dipa S.D (2012) reveals a research in a mainstream school in Depok, one of biggest city in West Java found that teachers with no background of special education are inadequate in communication skill to the student with disabilities. Furthermore, the lack of knowledge and understanding could lead to a teacher’s rejection to the student (Edwards et al, 2006; Pujaningsih,

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