The Importance Of Instant Replays In Baseball

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Baseball is just a game for the fans and people, for the players it means so much more. Every play matters, when a play does not go the teams away, frustration starts to kick in until now. In the offseason of 2013 Mlb made changes. It was confirmed in 2014 commissioner Bud Selig, to confirm plans to expand on instant replay. This was major announcement from the commissioner, as well as for the players and teams. The way replay works is basically, the team for example Arizona challenges a call against the other team which is the Los Angeles, the play was called out, so Arizona challenges the play. The baseball rule changes such as instant replay and pace of play will improve the game and speed up the game.
This play can either stand, confirm,
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Instant replay is very time consuming and risky, because challenging could also mean losing a challenge. For time consuming the replay is being reviewed and take a long time to get the decision on the play. Now sports fan can watch the replay at the stadium, previously only the fans at home were able to experience replay. When replay was implemented replay was reviewable at the ball park and the fans watching at home.
The Other new innovated rule is pace of play, a brief description the teams love the idea of pace of play, this helps the game speed up. This new rule would later be tested in spring training of 2015. During spring training they are testing the clock which would be used between innings to eliminate delays from the game. The clock would be set at 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Sadly during spring training the rule did not proven any improvement of shortening the game. The idea would later become
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Still the game needs to improve on the time as making the players have one foot in the batter box at all time instead of them asking for time and stepping out of the box this has helped speed up the game. Other implication that has helped speed up the game is, pitchers have a limited time to speech only 20 seconds to deliver the ball. The other thing they are testing is a pitching clock which will be used in the minor league before coming to the Mlb. Pace of play has not been only helpful when watching a baseball game, but for the teams it has helped speed up the game so they are not at the ball park for 3 hours. Instead speeding up the game to make the trip to their next game. Pace of play in simpler terms, Speed of game is reduced when players change their approach in the batter box.
Also when vesting pitchers you can only visit 3 times in the game. Even players do not listen to the pace of play rule they will be penalize to the fee of $500-$1000 dollars. In conclusion reply has not only been a cool concept but has improved the game excitement level and has given teams a second chance to get the call right. Pace of place has been able to shorten games and made it enjoyable for sport fans that watch the

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