The Importance Of Inquiry Based Learning Process Essay

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The following is a lesson sequence which modified the above experiment to promote inquiry based learning process.
The aim of the experiment: Students use the change in the colour of red cabbage indicator to classify substances as either acid or base.
Note: This activity may take more than one lessons. On the first lesson, students group, discuss and prepare their experiment. On the second lesson, students will have opportunities to carry out the investigation, then record, process, and evaluate their data.
Preparing materials
In the original experiment, hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solutions have been used as acidic and basic solution, respectively. However, year 9 students might know that hydrochloric acid solution is an acid and sodium hydroxide is a base. This may reduce the students’ curiosity of the experiment. Therefore, when students are working with household substances that they may consume in their everyday life not know the chemical properties can make them feel more curious and excited.
Teaching the lesson
Section 1. Discussion before investigation
Teachers should pose an open question to have students to engage students to the investigation. For instance, how can you tell if a substance is an acid, a base or neutral?. Teacher could then assist students to apply their prior knowledge to answer the questions and further explore the issues through a series of questions which relate the role of indicator to the identifying of acidic/basic/neutral…

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