The Importance of Innovation Architecture Essay

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The Importance of Innovation Architecture
Grand Canyon University: ENT-435
Here is a reminder from the syllabus about the assignment requirements:
For this assignment, you will research the innovation architecture of at least three companies that are well-known for successfully supporting a culture of innovation. Write a 1,500-word paper that addresses the following: 1. What particular elements of each organization’s culture, processes, and management systems and styles work well to support innovation? 2. Why do you think these organizations have been able to capitalize on innovation and intrapreneurship while others have not? 3. Based on what you have learned, what processes and systems might actually
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How do these “percolate” up to executive level visibility? What does Google look for?] Netflix is another successful organization that implements innovation into their managerial leadership model. As Netflix’s CMO Kelly Bennett reflected on the topic of leadership, Bennett talked about how leaders need to create a culture where teams can give deeper contact and have more independence, rather than micromanaging them. “Context, not control”. (Tang, 2014) Netflix focuses on freedom and responsibility. The organization tells their employees to spend company funds as if it were their own. Proposals are a lot more detailed when employees are being held accountable and have to defend their own ideas. CEO Bennett also emphasizes the importance of hiring passionate individuals that match the company culture and have a thirst for innovation. (Tang, 2014) Netflix encourages their employees to take initiative and make decisions to benefit the organization. This managerial leadership style encourages employees to think deeply about their decisions and make educated decisions. This increases overall employee morale which will drive employees to work smarter. [Leadership inspired innovation is often a key to innovation architecture.]
Apple is another organization in which they encourage their employees to be creative. You must empower your employees to do amazing work. Apple retail store

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