James Konsdorf's Influence On My Life

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We all have that one person we look up to. Seeing that person succeed influences us as humans to do better in life. The person that helps motivate you and gives you advice to keep pushing through in life. The person that influences me and motivates me would be my cousin James Konsdorf. The person that I am profiling has been a great influence on my life and has given me great advice. My cousin would always say “It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve fallen, or how hard you’ve hit the ground get up and continue to pursue your goals.” I have learned many different things from my cousin, James Konsdorf. I grew up around him and I am always learning new things about my cousin. There was one thing I learned about my cousin that I didn’t know much about until I actually interviewed him. James Konsdorf is short standing about 5’ 8” he is slim with a muscular build. He is clean shaven and always looks clean and well dressed. He dresses in blue jeans and usually wears Hollister polo shirts. Adding to his style would be a Detroit Tigers hat. He is tan and always has a clean military fade for his hairstyle. He talks loud and always had a big smile on his face. James Konsdorf is very motivational, funny, and has a great overall personality. He is much more of a leader than he is a follower. James …show more content…
He was taking classes and not really sure what he wanted to do for a lifelong career. He attended Baker College for about a year. He then transferred to Saginaw Valley State University and started taking criminal justice classes. He decided that becoming a police officer is what he wanted to do in life because he enjoyed it when he was in the Navy. He then transferred to Oakland Community College and received an associate degree in criminal justice. After graduating with his degree he then joined the Oakland police academy. He worked hard and studied hard and eventually graduated from the Oakland police

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