Influences In Life

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There are only few people who I believe have influences my life in a positive way. My parents play an important role when it comes to me getting my education and wanting to be a law enforcer. They have keep me motivated all the way through my education carrier. The have taught me to be a hard worker and to never give up. You live in the land of opportunity, and you should always aim for greatness they say every time. Know that I am only one semester away from getting my bachelors, I can only say it is all thanks to them. However, my aunt has also influence my life. She has allow me to work in her department, in order for me to gain experiences as see how real life is. This, has motivate me to go for the job that I will enjoy working on, even if it means going for a masters or even a Ph.D.
2. Think of your life purpose. Why are you here and what do you want to accomplish?
I think that growing up have made my think of my life purpose. My mom have always taught me to respect other base on the way they treat me. So when
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The things that my parents can expect from me is graduating this upcoming may with a major in Justices Studies. With this bachelor, then there expectations also grow because I can now work as a law enforcer anywhere I want. This will allow me to help my parents economically for a period of time and then, they know I’ll do my own thing after a while. For my aunt, she can expect that I’ll out everything she has taught me while in work, into the carrier that I will be practicing. With this expectations that my leaders have, I will not let them down, and I will work as hard as they had taught me in order to be someone successful. I think that the only thing that they want form me is to be someone in life, but I will make them feel proud of the person I will become and of my actions. Making them proud is the thing that they can be expecting of me, and I won’t stop until that

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