Personal Statement: Personality Analysis

Normally, I’ve always been thinking to myself that I am proper to be a marketer, nonetheless, I’m never sure about my personality to answer myself which career I should be. All of these results -Visual DNA, Theory X/Y ,and MBTI- conflict to each other but some doesn’t. INFJ personality is surprisingly precise; some of my friends agree with. The result implies that my personality is suitable for jobs that need to be able to exercise my insightfulness and independence. Moreover, formal hierarchies and routines task are not something I prefer. However , perfectionist is my problem because when I got a work I already have my ideal ,and it challenges to achieve it. Nonetheless, some work that I have a little time to work with I might not pursue …show more content…
As I easily approach to other person ; it sometimes makes people think that I am a friendly and extrovert person ,in contrast , I am introvert person who extremely care about privacy. In addition, I rarely express my emotion or bad attitude to others ,therefore ,many people think that I am optimistic and sedative person. Thus ,this point should be my strength for the future because career which I pursue not only need to face new people everyday but also need demeanor and social etiquette. On other side, my weakness also relate with my social skill. Lasting relation is kind of difficult for me since knowing many people is hardly to act in equality. In term of work life , my main problem is perfectionist ; I always have my ideal work in my mind ,and I pursue it although sometimes it hard to possible. Hence ,this habit causes wasting amount of time and not effective enough with a less time work. To improve all of these disadvantages I need to be more comfortable for myself and reduce my tight for a work and social life. As a manager, my management style can stimulate my workforces to pay more attention ,bring out creativity ,and involve in decision making which totally establish high performance and success in teamwork , however , it can not be possible for every different culture , thereby, If it does not work, I will use a little of micro management method. The bottom line is all results suggest that I rather work on creative, and insightful work rather than routine ,and cliché work. So it can imply that I am proper to be marketer which be straight with my

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