The Importance Of Independence Day, July Second 1776

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Independence Day, July Second 1776 July Fourth in the United States of America is the day that we as a nation celebrate our independence from the British Empire. Although Independence Day is celebrated on July Fourth, it should be celebrated on July Second, because that is the day that congress truly motioned for independence. There are many factors that led to July Fourth becoming the national holiday celebrated today. From misconceptions about the actual day of signing the Declaration, to delayed celebration due to the ongoing fight for independence. Also including the deaths of both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on July Fourth, 1826 (Pahl pg. 214). Events such as this are said to have cemented the day into history more so than it ever was before. Which took all of the historical relevance from the Second of July. To preface the argument the reader …show more content…
This happens to be false, the start of the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place “on August 2nd, 1776 when the members of Congress, headed by John Hancock, the president of Congress, formally signed the Declaration of Independence.”(Warren pg. 246) For starters, a document such as the Declaration was only a draft when presented and approved by congress. Once approved it was sent to the printer for the final version to be made (Pahl pg. 2) Also not all members where present on August 2nd, when the final copy was sent to congress to be signed, which means that the document wasn’t even completely signed as we know it today by this point. Historians speculate that the document was not finished with being signed by, at earliest, January 18th, 1777 (Warren pg. 248). This evidence provides even more reasons for why the Second should be Independence Day and not the Fourth. The Fourth pales in comparison to the meaning of congress motioning in agreement on the Second for declaring

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