The Importance Of Incentives For Motivate Employees By Giving A Monthly Rewards

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Many companies use incentives to motivate their employees by giving a monthly rewards, that usually consist in a plaque, a certificate or a label pin, to recognize most outstanding the employee, in an effort to increase engagement and competition among the workplace. Although the company’s intention is positive, the result is that this award is problematic, because it only recognized one winner, but what happen to the rest employees that are always on time and do their work everyday. The article published on April 8th, 2013, by Diana Gerderman on the Harvard Business School’s website, title “How to Demotivate Your Best Employees,” is destined to inform and demonstrated that awards such as "employee of the month,” in fact it is harmful to the employer’s motivation. Gerderman use evidence-base details to prove her topic, meanwhile keeping herself impartial and unbiased throughout the entire article.

Diana Gerderman is a writer based in Massachusetts that published a article for the Harvard Business Schools’s research and ideas, with a proven research, called “The Dirty Laundry of Employee Award Programs: Evidence from the Field,” by Professor Ian Larkin.This article is under the section title “Working Knowledge thinking that leads,” it shows that the author 's purpose for writing the article is to inform their audience about an interesting topic or matter of concern. In this case, Gerderman presents facts such as, “More than 80 percent of companies dole out work-related…

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