The Importance Of Inaction In Hamlet

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Sometimes, regardless of the true intentions, pain and suffering become a by-product of irrational actions and behavior. In William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Hamlet, the tragic hero embarks on a journey filled with madness and excitement to avenge his father, King Hamlet’s, death. Events that occur in a tragic play cause great misery for the characters and ultimately for the tragic hero. A tragic hero has a fatal flaw, in Hamlet’s case being inaction, that drives the play forward. Essentially, through the course of the play, despite his noble intentions, Hamlet’s impulsive behavior, madness and inaction causes great pain and suffering for others. Hamlet often acts on impulse without considering the consequences of his actions. His curiosity …show more content…
Hamlet is often indecisive, his confliction blinds him from avenging his father. In act three, scene three, Claudius struggles with his guilty conscience and attempts to repent for his sins through prayer. Hamlet walks in to find the King praying and contemplates murder. Nevertheless, he makes up yet another excuse not to kill him, stating he would when Claudius is committing a foul act. Hamlet is not aware of the fact that he missed the opportunity to avenge his father and same his life, his mother’s and Laertes. The Prince’s procrastination has led him to the end of the play where he finally understands his flaw when his demise is inevitable. As Hamlet, along with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, is about to sail to England, he sees Fortinbras army march by. After a moving conversation with one of Fortinbras’ captains, Hamlet admits “How all occasions do it for me,/And spur my dull revenge” (IV.iv.31-31). Hamlet finally acknowledges his fatal flaw, inaction. However, it is now impossible to change his or the whole of Denmark’s fate. Denmark has suffered yet another tragedy, losing their King, their Prince and ultimately a completely different ruler takes over. Overall the inaction of Hamlet, caused great misery to the society and specifically to

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