Reflective Essay: How To Improve My Writing

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When class started I did not know that it would be as difficult as it is but overtime I have adapted and learned how to do work, properly. My writing was not the best and I had many people help me and I researched many ways to improve my writing. One of the worst things I struggled with was my grammar. I usually did not check my writing when I finished and would always just revise and edit my essays instead of letting someone else look at it. This class has helped me to let someone revise my essays for me. In my essays I learned to improve my writing by reading my feedback from you. The feedback has made me take the time to learn how to improve my essays. Essays are one thing that I struggle with the most. In my essays I used to struggle with using slang, contractions, and "thing".

My first essay was about my favorite holiday and I had to learn to construct my essay in a format that was well written. In many of my sentences I used "a lot”, but "a lot" is considered slang. Slang is not something that is supposed to be used in academic writing. Slang is not standard writing therefore it should not be used in academic writing. Majority of the time I use slang when I am texting and talking to friends. In my essays I have learned not to use slang. In Module 2 the draft for the essay did not
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One major issue was that I used the word "thing" many times throughout my essay. I read your feedback and found out that "thing" does not show anything specific. You said, " Thing has no shape, size, color, or meaning." This helped me to understand that I have to use better vocabulary skills to explain what I am trying to say. In my essay about volunteering I did not use "thing" even though I was speaking on how I felt on something that I did not know much about.( The Process of Volunteering 1) Over time writing my essays have helped me to improve my writing for important literature in the

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