The Importance of Implementing Ergonomics Aspect for Manufacturing Company

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INTRODUCTION In the manufacture industry, companies always facing problems related with the effort to determine appropriate job design that can increase the productivity of the employee. The job design itself constitutes of an approach to arrange and or specifies the task that constitutes a job for an individual or a group. According to Heizer and Render (2006) the job design activities consist of seven components: (1) job specialization, (2) job expansion, (3) psychological components, (4) self-directed teams, (5) motivation and incentive system, (6) ergonomics and work methods, and (7) the visual workplace.
One of the problems in the
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In other situations, adjustable benches, chairs or devices are required for the full range of people.

Figure 1: Anthropometry Dimension in Workplace Design

Neurological Factors
Many task that worker perform relate to sensory perceptions, speed of reaction, and ability to perform simultaneous task. All these task are concerned with neurological responses, and the design of the workplace can improve or hinder such responses considerably.
Muscular factors
Although less common than in earlier days, worker’s muscular abilities are sometimes important, accompanying most anthropometry tables are standard reference tables of muscular strengths. Of more probable importance than strength in a workplace design is the consideration of fatigue. Unfortunately, very little progress has been made in this area, although many studies have been concluded. One of the main problem is that fatigue is not totally a muscular reaction. Boredom, anxiety, and stress play important role as well. To date, the most common approach has simply been the use of an “allowance” a percentage increase in time allowed for a particularly fatiguing work. In figure 2, portraying various of work position which involve the muscular factors of the employee.
Figure 2: Typical clearances for various work positions. Temperature and Humidity Although the normal human body temperature is 98.6˚F, worker

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