The Importance of Imaginative Play in Child's Development Essay

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Bel Mesbahi
4/10/16 – Meadow
Humanities & The Creative Arts
“What The Research Says About Play?” Reflection

The study done about play and it’s importance regarding a child’s development was somewhat intuitive, yet highly intriguing. The author laid out the three theories regarding how crucial imaginative child’s play is to their development, being that “ethos of play,” states that play is absolutely the fundamental force in early childhood development. “Equifinality,” claims that pretend play definitely contributes to, but is not fully responsible for children’s development; and lastly, the “epiphenomenal,” theory states that play is not responsible for development in other areas for children at all. Thinking about the three
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Throughout the game, we used some props but most of what we materialized was intangible and came merely from our imaginations, yet, looking back on it, it all seemed so real at the time. In that, I agree with the sentiment that if you want your young child to develop a general sense of open-mindedness on a broad level, the wrong course of action would be to buy them gender specific toys, because that would instill the values exuded from the toys into their daily life perceptions of general life. For example, parents who buy their daughters a multitude of Barbie’s and dolls of the sort that are pushing appearance heavily, it can be reasonably assumed that the girls playing with the toys will put a great deal of thought into the idea of dressing, and their physical appearance at a young age, and that will stay with them in most cases, and affect their development in that way, which is not necessarily positive or forward thinking. In the same respect, parents should refrain from supplying their young sons with toys related to aggression, or having toy guns, because this will instill in them as well, and have a part in their development and their view of other areas of life. I think it’s crucial to understand how important the overall attitude of children regarding play is, at the earliest age possible. Nowadays, with the surge of the information age, and continued technological

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