The Importance Of IQ

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It has been noted that we, as a society have generalized the idea that young adults who score high on the IQ test tend to go on and do better in life. They succeed in a variety of aspects in their life such as: academic achievement, financial success, and even better health. However, the debatable question remains the same; are these people with higher IQs more successful for the reason that they are more intelligent? Before even taking the IQ test I already had an idea of what I believe in. I believe the test doesn’t necessarily measure the intelligence level of an individual. It more so measures the motivation the individual holds to do well on the test. These individuals typically understand that motivation is as important to later success, …show more content…
I would describe intelligence by saying that it refers to our ability to absorb information rapidly and adapt to new situations and environments. Many can agree that the IQ test measures our ability to solve problems, our terminology, and reason logically and so on. But then again what several individuals fail to comprehend is that if IQ tests simply measured our knowledge at these specific tasks, then no one would be fascinated about our score. The number we score is stimulating only because it is assumed that we cannot increase our IQ by much, if any at all, making it fixed for life. It seems as if society has accepted this “fixated for life” idea because our overall intelligence is a permanent trait that is oblivious to any education, or other involvements. To make a long story short, they say that we are all biologically restricted in our intellect levels.
One of the reasons I believe the test doesn’t necessarily reflect my strengths and weaknesses is because, in general, there are numerous ways in which a highly intelligent person can score low on the IQ test. One way might be language and other cultural barriers. These barriers can causes intelligence tests to produce misjudges of intelligence. Another way to fail is quite common; without sustaining top determination from young children and adults, there is no accurate measurement of
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A GPA is an indicator of raw intelligence someone comprises and how hard they work, not to leave out the self-control they must have to succeed in life. If someone with a high IQ is missing curiosity then most likely they are lacking the skill to get along with other people. Therefore, having a high IQ definitely doesn’t guarantee a life of success. Vice versa, having a lower IQ doesn’t guarantee a life of failure. Other contributing factors that are vital for a successful life and are just as important as intelligence would consist of: decent habits, determination and a solid work ethic. If an individual doesn’t mature into these other qualities, they will waste their smart IQ. So like I said before, the IQ test seems to lean more towards the measurement of motivation an individual withholds when taking the test, rather than the “true” intelligence one encompasses. I honestly do not know if there ever will be a true test that measures one’s intellectual ability. Until we find a way to identify each complex component the human brain contains and a way to measure each individual equally, we will continue to ponder the debatable

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