The Importance Of I Forgive You

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“I forgive you”, is a simple three-letter phrase with no simple meaning. Getting these words out of someone’s mouth is not an easy thing to do. It takes courage, time and even some inner personal struggles to make someone decide whether to say this phrase or not. But what makes this sentence so meaningful and important?

Forgiveness is a gift, for we know, not everyone receives this precious thing. But why, why doesn´t everyone get to be blessed with this present? Are some things, so terrible, that they become unforgivable? Or should we always forgive no matter what?

Since we were little, we´ve learned to apologize or to forgive, but we are never really taught the significance behind it. We just do it because we are used to or we´ve been
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We lie, we still, we cheat, we criticize, we hurt the ones that love us, we kill… Since the beginning of our existence, we´ve had the need to apologize for our actions in order to get an absolution, which gives us inner peace. Forgiveness has been necessary though out time because without it, a peaceful coexistence wouldn´t be possible. Without it, we would have a world consumed by the flames of hatred and rage.

If we weren´t able to pardon the ones who wronged us, we wouldn´t talk to more than half the people we know. It is this divine skill that keeps us united and that keeps our hearts from being full of anger or resentment against each other. Forgiveness helps us move on with our life. It helps us let go: from little things like a fight with a relative, to bigger things, like a war that killed millions.

Our ability for compassion and forgiveness is what mends our hearts every time someone hurts us. We generally think that the one forgiven is the only one who benefits from the situation. But the truth is that by forgiving, you let go of the rage inside you, you find peace and let go of a great burden. A burden that most of the times, we don´t even realize we had, because we think that the one who apologizes, is the one holding on to all the hurt. When in fact, both, the one who apologizes and the one who forgives, suffer from the situation in its own different way. This is why forgiveness is such a great and awesome thing, everyone
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To forgive someone who killed a relative, someone who made you suffer in an inhuman way or killed/hurt millions of people is something really hard to do. In these types of cases, I find it almost humanly impossible to truly forgive someone. Anyway, as a catholic, I believe God is the only one merciful enough to forgive anyone who has been in any type of similar situation. It is not in our place as humans, to take on that responsibility and authority. However, there are people with such a big heart, that they are able to forgive those who´ve committed dreadful things to

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