The Importance Of Human Rights

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It is estimated that 50 million lives were lost over a six year period, and it has subsequently been revealed that many were lost through barbaric regimes of systematic killings and genocide. In response, the world’s budding powers convened to ensure that the horrors of the Second World War would never be repeated, resulting in the formation of the United Nations. The UN worked to create a standard on human rights, and also sought to deal with the territories that were annexed from enemy states at the end of the Second World War. The end of World War Two also saw the collapse of colonialism and the realignment of the priorities of the great powers from expansionism and empire-building to collaboration and international communication. The two …show more content…
Silove, Stell and Mollica (2001) argue that Australia continues to deny asylum seekers basic human rights, by detaining refugees in centres which harm physical and mental wellbeing. Even though these accusations raise concerns regarding human rights within a signatory state, the United Nations has prioritised the right to sovereignty of the state in question over the enforcement of the UDHR, and thus undermined its authority to protect its own …show more content…
With a total casualty count of approximately 1.4 million (US Government 2016; Guenter 1978) it is clear that even though a conflict on a global scale has not taken place, instances of war between states has still occurred.
In many ways, the end of the Second World War really did signal the end of the empire era. By 1967, the British Empire had mostly been dismantled, through the colonies being granted independence, without much resistance from Britain herself (Louis 2002), whereas the French had relinquished their hold in Indochina at the end of the First Indochina War in 1954 (Waite 2005). After the French withdrawal from Vietnam, it was clear that the era of expansionism and empire-building was over, as neither France nor Britain continued to put up a military struggle in the defence of their

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