The Importance Of Human Resources In Human Resource Management

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Human Relation is a field found within Human Resource Management. It deals with the hiring of personnel who have qualified for the vacant positions. Human Relations also deals with activities such as recruiting, hiring, advertising and performance reviews of company employees. Human Relations helps one to understand others by knowing their strength, talents weaknesses and their abilities (DeCenzo & Silhanek, 2001).
In the work places, Human Relations calls for the monitoring of workers for a better performance of an organization. Since good Human Relation is an important tool to the society it therefore, needs an interdisciplinary approach to enable workers in an organization improve their relationship with the employers.
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According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, Joy published an article giving some the importance of human relation in a business set up. She concluded that creating a good working environment is healthy to a business, since it will assist the business to produce more and this can only be achieved if the employees are empowered. An employee who has a lot of interest in his work and also minds about the affairs of others will end more productive because the work will require less time to be completed. Human relation enhances good relationship among workers in the sense that. If workers can easily relate to one another and they can understand each other well, the flow of communication is easier and every employee is free and more united to one another. In a business set up one has to understand that Man is prone to error and from the errors made, one is able to adjust through learning. When employees have good human relations among them, they will fill free to seek advice or ask for help from one another hence promoting positive attitude among them. Good human relation in a business set up may help in the improving of the employee’s retention since the employee will tend to stay in a company that gives them the opportunity to learn and advance in their field of work.
Human relations is useful in professions such as management, teaching sector and entrepreneurship and therefore, the manager is required to offer maximum training to the employees and do a proper selection with the aim of retaining the employees for a longer period of time and empowering the workers in the payment sectors (Lumberton &Minor,

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