The Importance Of Human Relations In The Workplace

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The number of households on government assistance and the decline in wages as a share of national income are concerning (Easton, 2012). Unfortunately, as a country, we have enabled and in some respects encouraged a portion of society to be dependent on government assistance. Where do we go from here? Years ago, the American dream drove innovation and hard work, but technological advancements and large scale businesses have reduced this drive (Schawbel, 2011). Therefore, the challenge is to find a way to motivate, encourage competition, and inspire the drive to attain excellence in the non-working and underperforming (Schawbel, 2011).

Human relations in the workplace are important because success depends on customer service; business
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Sadly, somewhere over the last quarter century the work ethic and integrity of a large portion of Rutherford County employees has slowly diminished. In fact, a strong sense of entitlement for those who have worked ten years or more is evident. Moreover, each generation of the employee population presents additional challenges. Today’s employees believe they should not be accountable to anyone, should be able to do as they please without repercussion, and when counseled or disciplined they vow their rights have been violated. In fact, the number of frivolous lawsuits are appalling and the wasted taxpayer dollars to defend said suits is …show more content…
Personally, I have witnessed this firsthand and it is not only disheartening but it is extremely discouraging. In fact, you tend to ask yourself what is the future of our world. Comparatively, there are a few key steps to managing morally challenged employees, which are: engage them with meaningful tasks; be the change you want to see, lead by example; pair them with a strong ethical peer; provide formal training on ethics and morals; reduce the opportunity to be immoral or unethical; and create an altruistic culture (Chamorro-Premuzic,

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