The Importance Of Human Nature: Good And Evil

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If you saw a person trip and fall would you instinctively help them or would you walk away? Some people fall into two categories good and evil. ‘Good’ meaning someone who does not cause any harm to a person or thing in any situation and ‘Evil’ meaning is the opposite, a person who intentionally hurts people or things. Some debates that surround this topic are good deeds and the selfish or selfless intentions behind these good deeds and the ability of one evil deed weighing out all good deeds. Although some humans’ good actions are motivated by selfish intentions, humans are fundamentally good because they often are willing to risk their lives for safety of others, lend a helping hand in a time of crisis and are naturally good …show more content…
According to “Are Humans Good or Evil?”, Alan STrudler writes “Those who find the coin are happy and tend not to help.” This quote shows that people don 't always go to help unless they receive something, showing their selfishness. This shows that humans are fundamentally evil because their good actions usually are manipulated by something selfish. The article “Scientist Probe Human Nature- And Discover We Are Good, After All” written by Adrian F. Ward, “Hobbes, too, argued that humans were savagely self-centered.” This quote is saying that humans are naturally evil and selfish, not caring about anyone else except himself. This shows that humans are fundamentally evil because they only care about one person that is himself. The point of my opponent is invalid because it fails to show the people that do good deed everyday without needing anything in return nor having ulterior motives. According to article provided by NY Daily News entitled “Man,25,killed while trying to get out of stuck elevator in NYC” and it states “A 25 year old man heroically saved a woman from a falling elevator in a Lower East Side building, telling her ‘Happy New Year’ as he shoved her out of harm 's way just before he was fatally crushed.” This quote shows that a human being rather than saving himself, saved a complete stranger. This shows not all good deeds are selfishly motivated. This also shows how humans are willing to risk their lives for

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