Free Will In Heaven In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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A couple of weeks ago in my Intro to Lit class, we read John Milton’s Paradise Lost and it tells the story of how it all began from Satan’s perspective. I suddenly became curious as to how Satan was able to get himself cast from Heaven. Is there human freedom in Heaven? I believe that this is an extremely important question to me because we are in a continuous spiritual battle here on earth and I just wonder if the fall of man could happen again in Heaven. Is there human freedom in Heaven? Do we have any assurance or guarantee that the fall of mankind will not repeat in Heaven? The goal of this paper is to try to find out if there is free will in Heaven and if so, then could there could be a second fall of man? Yes, there is, in fact, human …show more content…
Randy Alcorn states in his book Heaven, “The inability to sin doesn’t inherently violate free will. My inability to be God, an angel, a rabbit, or a flower is not a violation of my free will. It’s the simple reality of my nature. The new nature that’ll be ours in Heaven—the righteousness of Christ—is a nature that cannot sin” (Will We Have the Opportunity to Sin in Heaven). The nature of Jesus wants to please God in every single way. Even if there are times when it gets hard, He would trust God. Jesus had free will, but He chose not to sin. He chose to obey God. An example would be when He was tempted by Satan in the desert. Jesus was human just like us, but He chose to trust God. Another example would be in the Garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus prayed to God, “… if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me: nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will” (King James Bible, Matt. 26.39). It was a tough task for the flesh. The Adam nature probably would have strayed from the will of God. It would have probably disobeyed God and not died on the cross. It would have called the legions of angels down to save Him from the excruciating pain and suffering. Thankfully, we no longer have to be of the Adam nature, but of the nature of Jesus, the willing and obedient …show more content…
We do have the assurance that the fall of mankind will not repeat itself. God gives us this hope that humans can live a life that does not have sin. That it is possible to live a perfect life and that will be in Heaven. There will be no more pain, no more suffering, no more tears, no more cheating, no more lying, and no more judging. It will be a life without sin. John Piper said it best when he said that God is committed to us and that He sent Christ so that we could have a way to stop endangering our lives eternally. God is committed because He loves us.
I truly believe that doing this research has helped me a lot. I was completely confused and frustrated. My finite mind was not able to comprehend it, but I’m grateful that God has opened many minds and revealed a piece of the puzzle to this mystery. This has helped me understand everything a little more. It has caused me to see to sovereignty of God even clearer and understand His love for us even better. I love how John Piper says that God is committed to us. It may be a little redundant, but Jesus loves us so much and He’s going to come back to get His

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