The Importance Of How I Own My Learning

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The people around them can help a person learn, but they cannot do it for them. The law is responsible for assuring that every student receives an education, but there are many opportunities in which the students themselves can own their learning. The ways I own my learning are by keeping myself organized, participating in extracurricular activities, and by looking for ways to better understand any concept. These habits impact my future because I will eventually learn to organize myself and be a responsible adult, knowledge from the extracurricular activities will help me in future careers, improving my learning will have sharpened my knowledge.

I make certain to teach myself( with the help of my instructors)to be prepared and organized
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For example, I will often visit a teacher’s classroom on my recesses looking for assistance on anything I am confused about. There are simply times where I do not grasp the lesson in class, so I will eventually ask for further clarification. If a teacher is not in reach, I end up asking those around me to make sure that I can receive the best understanding of the topic as possible. I also ask multiple people to review their critique. I believe it is good to hear everyone’s side of the story, so to speak. Similarly, I know that I am responsible for understanding the lesson or work; as a result, I ask all the questions necessary to understand something. I make certain that I have understood the lesson or work. If this is not the case, I will revert to asking someone or referring to my notes for assistance. The reason this impacts my future is because these methods of understanding will be the foundation for good study habits or college. Striving to look for all the possible help now will not only broaden my scope on academics, but it will also cause me to adjust to always looking for an answer to my questions. I feel like it takes time for our generation to become accustomed to receiving help. As was mentioned before the sooner a student is accustomed to this, the

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