The Importance Of Hosting At The 8AM Meeting

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Tedious yet underrated, clocks are common objects located in almost all meeting rooms whether in the form of a traditional wall clock, a watch, or a device clock. Watching time pass remains a consistent burden that meeting attendees face, however, by substituting the idea of a clock with a countdown clock, attendees now have a reason to become excited when they see time ticking. A countdown clock substitutes the stigma of a monotonous time element with an intriguing fascination. In other words, a countdown clock gives the attendees something to look forward to or count down! Most people dread meetings because they have a reputation of being formal, serious, stressful, and sometimes boring. Consequently, the solution to manipulating such a stigma is by combining the meeting with an after party or social gathering, thereby combining productivity with entertainment. Hosting a meeting at a Karaoke Bar and Lounge caters to all requirements of such combination. Since lounges have comfortable seating arrangements, and karaoke bars have enclosed individual rooms, a meeting could easily be held in this location and still achieve its purpose. Post …show more content…
Having to attend a mandatory 8AM meeting automatically makes the event seem dreadful, however simply modifying the time of a meeting can drastically improve the impact of it. Modifying an 8AM meeting on a Monday to an 8PM meeting on a Friday significantly alters the emotions associated with it by making it seem more “relaxing” and less formal. As mentioned previously, modifying the time from early to late further enhances the combination of a meeting and after-party. More specifically, altering the date and time can make members want to attend the meeting rather than force them; an impression of “ending the week with an enjoyable meeting” rather than “starting the week with a tedious

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