The Importance Of Honey Bees

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Like they say, it’s the little things that count. The smallest actions can make the biggest changes. Honey bees, as small as they are, impact our daily lives a great deal . Why are Honey bees so important? Well, they contribute to our food sources, our environment, our health, but most importantly, our existence. It is important for us as a race to take care of their species when no one else can. We need to preserve the Honey Bees because they are vital to our survival and everyday lives. Honey bees are slowly disappearing due to climate change, pesticides, loss of habitat, and disease (Zissu). Bees provide pollination in which many foods and supplies depend on. But today, our country uses pesticides on almost all of our nations’
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Bees are vital to our environment because of their ability to pollinate our plants and crops. Pollination is responsible for almost all of the growth of flowers and trees that grow in your local park and is also responsible for the growth of one third of all crops. The process of pollination is quite simple for those who haven’t got a clue to what it is. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the plants anther to the stigma. When this happens the plant then will be able to form its’ nut/seed/fruit (Tucker). So in other words, pollination is essentially a form of plant reproduction. Knowing this, it’s quite disturbing imagining a future without bees. In the movie, Bee Movie, there’s a certain scene in the beginning where it shows New York City’s Central Park radiating all different types of bright colors from the spectrum. It showed how vibrant and extravagant the plants and flowers were due to the pollination of the bees. Then towards the end when the bees stop pollinating how much of a difference it made. Central park looked like a graveyard for the once beautiful flowers that habitated in there. Once were beautiful purples and bright yellows turned into dark greys. Now this movie may be an animated film but the representation of what our environment would look like if the bees were no more is extremely accurate. This is important because not only do …show more content…
This issue is extremely important towards the outcome of our future yet not too many people know about what 's happening. It’s not too late for the bees if we start making some major changes in the near future.One of them being the reduction of the use of pesticides. Pesticides alone do most of the damage on the bee population. Bee populations would slowly start to increase once pesticide toxicity doesn’t become a problem anymore. Also, climate change is a major factor to the bees. World Leaders such as our President Barack Obama have pleaded for something to be done about this issue. Climate change is also affecting pollination. The climate is disrupting the synchronized timing of flower blooming and the timing at which bees pollinate (Bee Informed). This means that flowers pollinate earlier than scheduled because of the warm temperatures and it happens before the bees even have a chance to pollinate them. If we reduce the amount of fossil fuels that we consume and switch out to green energy, not only would we be helping the bees, but we would be making the earth a better place as well. The environment would be better for all humans and wildlife alike. It will take some time but if these changes were implemented to our society today, the bees would be saved and we would be securing a healthier world for our future generations and all the wildlife that coexist with

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