Honbab Alone In Korea

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A professional honbab master presents,
How to do honbab in a Korean cafeteria
*Warning: Honbab is a Korean neologism for “eating alone.” In Korea, eating alone in the school cafeteria is a taboo. As a result of communalism, being alone in Korea does not mean that you are having your own time – it means you are a social misfit. If you enter the cafeteria alone, even teachers will ask you whether something has happened to you. No one tells you the charm of solitude; rather, everyone forces you to belong somewhere – so when you become alone, you have no guide to follow. This manual is made for those miserable teenagers who fear honbab in their school’s cafeteria. By following this step by step, you will successfully learn how to enjoy solitude. First, if you are a novice, try to experience the tranquility of solitude. To give my example, I tried to leave my clique when I was in 9th grade because I did not want to neglect my own pleasures anymore; following the group made me suffocated. Turning this
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If you are still worried, you can bring something. In my case, though I thought I was ready, it was hard to neglect the steely stare, so I brought my MP3 player to listen to the soundtracks of Star Trek, or my phone to watch the trailer video of Tarantino’s next movie, the Great Movies by Roger Ebert to enlighten myself. Some teachers called me to their offices to ask me what had happened, and I told them how I appreciated the charm of honbab. It took me nearly a month to go to the cafeteria without bringing anything; I was too busy planning my to-watch-movies that I had to eat faster. If you are truly ready like me, the last thing you have to do is relax. Remember not to bend your head to stare at your blameless food; believe me, you will get a stiff neck. Also, remember that breaking the illogical taboo cannot harm your dignity. Wrong beliefs exist to be changed by some fearless

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