10 Minute Rules

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Heather Broos, an activist in the homework debate said, “If the kids haven’t learned the concepts by the time they leave the classroom… the homework is pointless” (1). Homework policies nowadays are dreadful. Homework isn’t very meaningful and doesn’t serve its purpose. Current homework policies are actually counter intuitive. Students get more stress out of homework than education. This is because homework is irrelevant, time consuming, and generic. Current homework policies should be changed to be relevant, based on a 10-minute rule, and individualized.
First, current homework is often irrelevant. Teachers usually just throw homework into lessons so the students will have something to do for their class. This does not help the students learn
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The 10-minute rule is that students should receive 10 minutes of homework per grade level. This means that a second grader would receive 20 minutes of homework and a high school senior would receive 2 hours of homework. While this homework system would improve current homework policies, the 10-minute rule isn’t perfect. The 10-minute rule is an effective way that has been used when assigning homework. The 10-minute rule is usually ignored in elementary schools because a fifth grader doesn’t need just under an hour of homework. The 10-minute rule says that once a student has made it into sixth grade, they should have at least an hour of homework every night. Two hours of homework isn’t beneficial though. While the 10-minute rule makes sense, it doesn’t work. By referencing to the 10-minute rule, a better method to improve time management for homework could be created. An hour and a half of homework is still an excessive amount but still not as much as the 10-minute rule. Homework shouldn’t go over than an hour and a half of total homework for any grade level. In the article, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Good Homework Policy”, Cheryl Mizerny states, “Giving two or more hours of homework after they have already spent seven hours sitting and absorbing feels like making children clock in for a second shift.” Going to school for 7 hours a day should be enough. Having to go home and do schoolwork is overkill. Especially when all …show more content…
Individualized homework is much more beneficial than general homework. Individualized homework will appeal to everyone's preferences and be more beneficial for learning. In the article, “Individualized homework can put new life in assignments”, Cathy Vatterott states, “Individualized homework, in turn, promotes learner confidence and taps into the intrinsic need for students to control their own learning.” This method of homework can encourage students to try harder on homework. This method of homework will also make more sense to students. Using this method of homework will give students a better understanding of the topic and they will be able to provide higher quality work. With individualized homework, students will experience less stress. Individualizing homework will make topics more understandable to students. With topics that are easier to understand and comprehend, students will be able to complete homework tasks in a timely manner. This will put less stress on a student and keep the students positive about schoolwork. If individualized homework was incorporated into school curriculums then student scores would go up. If students have individualized homework, concepts will be easier to learn and students will have a better understanding of subjects. Individualized homework is beneficial for everyone. If a student is struggling on a certain topic they can get extra help from individualized homework. If a student thinks an

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