The Importance Of Homework Policies At Athens High School

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At Athens High School, homework policies are different for each classroom. Each teacher gets to choose how he or she will give homework and how much they will assign. They also get to choose if the homework will be graded for completion. Most teachers do not take into consideration how much homework the student will already have that day depending on the subjects they are taking that semester. This results in students having hours of homework after eight hours of school the same day. Homework can pile up depending on the subjects being taken in the same semester. The stress of homework can lead students to becoming anti-social and consumed with the responsibility to learn extra information by doing homework that the teacher failed to teach …show more content…
Homework should only be given to help that student practice what is learned in class that day and help their brains retain information better. This can be a couple math problems, studying vocabulary, or reading a small paragraph on a science article. This does not mean thirty math problems of the same concept and thirty more of another concept. Students should not be given consequences for not doing homework that they did not have time to do, or did not have the mental capacity to do it. Just because a student does not do their homework, it does not mean they are lazy or lacking the want to learn; it could mean that they are having home or personal issues. It is the teacher’s responsibility to give all the information they expect students to learn while they in their classroom for the set amount of time they are given to teach each day. Homework should only be given to students if it will benefit them later in life and will take no longer than twenty minutes to accomplish and it should not be …show more content…
Homework should not be given unless the teacher knows for a fact that it will help the student’s knowledge of that material expand, which is rarely a known fact, for each student learns differently and there will always be a student that does not benefit from homework assigned. Homework makes learning a chore, and chores are not viewed as fun or inviting. Students deserve a break from learning after being at school for 8 hours a day absorbing facts into their stressed or tired brains. It does not matter how much homework is given, students will most likely forget much of the information learned in that class after the semester is over, so there is no point in making them do it in the first place. Learning should be enjoyable, not a chore or something to stress over. It is very rare to find a student that says homework is enjoyable or not

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