The Importance Of Homework As Being Insignificant, Unnecessary, Or A Waste Of Time?

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Have you thought of homework as being insignificant, unnecessary, or a waste of time? Beginning in the early years of life as a child and progressing into young adulthood, you’re integrated into an educated system; whether school is public or private, the cumulative amount of time spent from completing schoolwork would be immeasurable. A short biography that was posted onto the Huffington Post website states, “Vicki Abeles is a filmmaker, author, and passionate advocate for children and families.”(Huffington Post) Although the biography doesn’t mention her education history, Abeles created her own documentary titled, “Race to Nowhere” which was about redefining success for children. The article, “A Lopsided School-To-Life Ratio Is Not Readying Children for Success” by Vicki Abeles, holds a claim that there should be alternatives for children to succeed in life that likewise, won’t result in them becoming burnt out from doing tasks such as homework. Although her statement hooks the audience, the argument could have been stronger because the article contains logical inconsistencies and implicit assumptions which would most likely lead the audience to inevitably ignore the opposition.
Before a reader should take a side to somebody’s argument, the techniques of the author’s rhetoric should be defined. As the textbook, “Good Reasons With Contemporary Arguments” states, “. . .[the] three primary tactics of argument [are]: appeals to the emotions . . .(pathos), appeals based on…

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