The Importance Of Homework And All Of The Benefits It Can Do For Us?

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Khristina Janer, from Illinois, says, “I don’t feel like a parent. I feel like a drill sergeant!” when making her kids finish their homework after an extended period of time (Wallace). Many studies show the effectiveness of homework and all of the benefits it can do for us; the problem is: teachers are making kids do too much homework when they get home from school. The teachers don’t take in the environmental factors that could be harming any student 's ability to get a task done. Teachers automatically believe that kids are irresponsible or unmotivated when they don’t succeed in finishing their homework. When kids are given too much, or too difficult of, homework, sleep is being sacrificed. Even when they are doing all of their homework in a timely manner, the homework the students are doing may not impact what the kids are learning. Essentially, when students are assigned homework outside the boundaries that their age group can handle, the children may be reaching the point of diminishing return where the homework transitions into busy work and it has no impact on the students.
Homework’s ability to help students understand what is going on in class is indisputable, it has many benefits and, Gill and Schlossman, authors of “A Nation at Rest: The American Way of Homework” say “leading educational spokespersons have celebrated homework as essential to raise educational standards, foster high academic achievement, upgrade the quality of the labor force, and link family and…

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