The Importance Of Home Life

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When you grow up in a household with two chefs, both well versed in the Mediterranean style-full of beautiful pastas and rich, decadent sauces- you expect for both parents to do an equal amount of cooking; to share the burden of feeding two growing girls only a year apart. Maybe they could work the kitchen together; a well-oiled team, or perhaps they could switch off nights preparing meals; at least that is what would make the most sense. So how was is that my mother each night, walking in the door, tiredness hanging over her like a cloud ended up at that stove mixing and chopping away as my father lounged on the couch perusing the news channels? Because in Italy there is a very specific hierarchy when it comes to home life. The woman is to …show more content…
The food there is absolutely extraordinary, from perfectly crisped Panini’s to elaborate and traditional tiramisu, everything that graces your taste buds has you begging for more and to this day when I ask my friends where they would like to get food the response is always the same “your mom’s deli.” She learned the tricks of the trade in Italy where she spent several years perfecting the art of cooking under the wing of my father’s step mom, and now many years later applies these same lessons to the business she runs. From 8-6 she would devote all of her energies to feeding other people so she could make enough money to come home and feed us. She rarely gave herself any time off, and if she did ever stay home she would spend every minute scrubbing the house from top to bottom, insisting as she went that my sister, my dad, and I would not be able to survive if we did not have her. And of course she was absolutely right. My dad was the king of ‘I’ll do it later’ which means he would put something off until someone else would do it for him, whether it be doing dishes, cleaning in general, or on the occasions when mom couldn’t make it home early enough for dinner. Despite his training and the fact that he had owned two very high quality Mediterranean restaurants, if mom wasn’t home to cook then no one would and my sister and I would either be left to scavenge through cupboards or call in an order of cheap Chinese take out. Thankfully that rarely happened and we more often than not were treated with a beautifully prepared meal, made from the tired hands of my constantly working mom as soon as she entered the

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