The Importance Of History Throughout The Present Day Essay

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The Importance of History in the Present Day The past is history, the future 's a mystery, and today is a gift, that is why they call it the present. This quote is a perfect way to summarize what I plan to explain in this paper: the past is history. We study it and try to learn from it. Every part of our past is of some use to us and has impacted the lives we live today. As I discuss the emergence of Islam, The Rule of Saint Benedict, and illuminated manuscripts I will explain just how important each are to us today. One of the biggest aspects of our world today is religion. Even if someone does not believe in a god they are most likely to believe in some other force greater than themselves such as evolution, gravity, or science. However, the emergence of Islam is an important part of the spread of religion. When the Roman Empire declined three ‘children’ were born out of the civilization; one of them was Islam. Emerging out of the Middle East, it took with it monotheistic beliefs and spread the Muslim religion throughout not only the Middle East, but also North Africa. Their religion teaches the importance of peace and inclusion and has continued to spread until reaching every corner of the world, becoming the second largest religion. Even with religions such as these the world has become something of hate. Everyone is too busy defending themselves and trying to make their life the best it can be to care about anyone else. While I do not expect everyone to become Muslim,…

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