The Importance Of Hippocrates Of Cos, By Ed Downey

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Register to read the introduction… Is describes how and why Hippocrates received the title as the, “father of western medicine.” It has some background information on Hippocrates himself but is mostly concerned with his medical contributions and the Hippocratic Oath. My primary and secondary sources have much in common and have very relatable information. Both seem to focus on the idea that Hippocrates did not really write all of the Hippocratic Corpus and as well as its importance. They explain the significance of the Hippocratic Oath in particular, but also speak of Hippocrates’ medical breakthroughs. The main breakthrough referred to is his denial of religion and spirituality in relation to medical practice. By not having and religious affiliation with medicine, Hippocrates and as well as his followers, the Hippocratics, based their medical practice purely off of logic, reason, and observation. Rather than turning to the spiritual world to figure out how to cure a patient, they would refer to the areas of diet, lifestyle, and

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