The Importance Of Hip Surgery

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The hip is a complex joint comprised of many different muscles, ligaments and bones. Hip replacement surgery is becoming a more commonly used procedure and because of this, has evolved greatly. People are living longer and putting more stress on their bodies, this means more precautions must taken to maintain our bodies, such as joint replacement surgeries. Hip replacements are required for many difficult reasons for patients of many varying ages. Strong hip joints are important for everyday function as well as in sport. Following reading this report you will understand more about general information regarding the surgery, what it is, what happens and the different types of implants.

The hip joint is a type of synovial joint called the ball and socket joint (Schmidler, 2016). The ball and socket joint occurs where the end of one bone, shaped like a ball fits into the socket like end the other connecting bone (Schmidler, 2016). This type of joint allows for the forward movement used for walking (Temertzoglou, 2015). The hip joint comprises of the femur (which has the
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There are many different implant types used today. Liners are used for the implants and then a replacement femoral head. The liners can be made of polyethylene, metal or ceramic (Krishna, 2015). While the head is only available in either metal or ceramic (Krishna, 2015). “The replacement parts can be plastic (polyethylene), metal or ceramic and are used in different combinations: metal-on-plastic (a metal ball with a plastic socket) is the most widely used combination. Ceramic-on-plastic (a ceramic ball with a plastic socket) or ceramic-on-ceramic (where both parts are ceramic) are often used in younger, more active patients” (Krishna, 2015). “Metal-on-metal (a metal ball with a metal socket) is very occasionally used in younger, more active patients.” (Arthritis Research UK.

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