Persuasive Essay About High School Sports

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Why Not Sports?
High school sports plays a big role in a students’ academic performance. It can impact a scholar’s academic performance in school both negatively and positively. Many people believe that when a student makes sports a higher priority over their education, the sports takes time away from their learning, affecting their overall academic performance. Although this may be true in some aspect, sports do not impair their education but more so encourage students to improve and excel in academics.
Sports can definitely take and drain a lot out of a student. For athletes in high school, a typical week would consist of a routine of having to attend school six hours out of the day then about two hours of practice every day and for some,
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Instead, sports teach the students important life skills like self-discipline, time management and responsibility that will be useful not only on the field but also in school and in their future. I am an athlete myself and I can honestly say that participating in high school sports has impacted me successfully with grades and my attitude towards school, rather than having a negative affect on myself. While playing soccer all four years throughout my high school years, I was able to graduate with a GPA of 3.5. It had not only helped myself as an individual, but many of my friends are in sports clubs and I have met the most amazing people in sports. Overall, participating in sports encourages students to maintain good grades, equips them with the cognitive learning skills, discipline, prevents them from dropping out of high-school, and leads them on the right path to become responsible adults. As for student athlete’s parents, they should take the time to accommodate their child’s sports schedule into their daily schedule and if there is anything to be said about high school sports, it should be that every student should be pushed to get involved in at least one sports

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