The Importance Of High Engine Maintenance

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Register to read the introduction… Low oil pressure is a good sign of low oil level. High engine temp might signal low water level or worn belt. • Intake and exhaust maintenance- 5 basic parts of intake system. 1.) Air Cleaners 2.) Turbo charger 3.) Air inlet 4.) Intake manifold 5.) Intake valves. • Air cleaners-filters dirt and dust from air passage. Pre cleaners prevent larger particles from reaching the air cleaner and lengthen service intervals. • Turbochargers- Increases power by forcing more air into the engine cylinders’ than the engine could draw in by itself. Should be allowed to “spin down” before shutting off the engine. • Air inlet- Supplies the air from the turbo or air cleaner to the intake manifold. Usually consists of a hose and good place for air leak or dirt ingestion. • Intake manifolds- provide air passage from the air inlet to the cylinder head. 8oz of dirt will destroy a 400 cid engine. • Intake valves – admit the air from the intake manifold into the engine cylinder. Operated by the camshaft. Clearance directly affects the tune up and should be included in yearly …show more content…
Exhaust manifold – Collects exhaust gases and conducts them away from the cylinders. 3. Muffler- Reduces the sound of the engine and if clogged will cause back pressure and poor engine performance. Will allow for water entry to engine if not curved or a rain cap. • Air cleaners and air ducts- Average engine mixes 9,000 to 10,000 gallons of air by volume with every gallon of fuel it consumes. Air cleaner must have the capacity to hold material taken out of the air without being cleaned for a while. An engine can be ruined if an air hose comes off or gets a pin hole it could cause problems in hours or months. • Pre cleaners- Usually installed at the end of the pipe extending up from the filter. Usually placed high out of the most of the dusty air. Some have a screen and/or a bowl that should be kept clean. • Dry element air cleaners- Built for 2 stages of cleaning, which are pre cleaning and filtering. • Pre Cleaning Stage- Directs air into the cleaner at high speed which sets up centrifugal rotation around the filter. At the end of the filter a dust cup stores the dust and both types reduce 80 to 90% of dirt

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