The Importance Of Heroism

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It Doesn’t Take a Cape Throughout my life, I have come to view all people as having the potential to exhibit heroic quality, but this has not always been the case. I mainly used to only identify Heroism as being attainable for men. It is certain my ignorant beliefs as a child would not serve me well in the real world. In deciding who has displayed such true, genuine acts of heroism, my judgements would be made from personal experience and what I seen on television. However, as maturity takes hold, comes the realization that it is not always possible to just ooze heroism, as those dressed up in costumes on the television screen did so effortlessly. Expectations of what it means to demonstrate such heroism, changes dramatically with age, and …show more content…
I started to grasp that a hero, was not what I had thought. There was so much more to this heroism thing. Heroism is not always one’s first choice, many coward away when faced with danger. Our bodies are made to defend us; we have a sympathetic nervous system that jumps into gear to help us protect ourselves, it activates the fight or flight response. This is to help save ourselves. If one is made to only protect themselves in a sense, then it makes heroism that much more amazing. Heroes go against their own body’s reaction to protect itself from harm, to save another person from danger. I have read many stories regarding heroic acts, most always the hero will say “I’m not a hero; anyone would have done what I did”. They could not be more wrong, as not everyone makes the choice to be the hero. Showing such selflessness, humility and not wanting to be praised for something you believe should be the reaction of all humans, and that is truly what heroism …show more content…
Even those who demonstrate great bravery make mistakes and often need a hero themselves. Heroes do not usually wear a costume, some wear a uniform, and many are just your everyday people. Heroes can come in any form of person. A person you may never think to have heroism as a quality could one day surprise you. Many heroes go unmentioned, and unnoticed. Acts of heroism will always be a vital part of growing up, and the journey of life. I believe God has installed heroism in all of us, whether or not we initiate it is up to us. I have no major plans of being a hero, but if the occasion arises, I would like to think my heroism would shine. A world without heroes would be one without hope, and a world without hope would be a world of dismal

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