The Role Of Heroes In Modern Society

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A hero is a courageous, determined individual many people esteem and honor for what they have accomplished . They are confident, have brave personalities, and commit selfless acts . The way society shapes a hero is quite different from the way they were shaped in earlier years. In fact, in this era, there are more of what people call antiheroes- individuals who lack the qualities of a true hero. In earlier years , legends such as Martin Luther King Jr., the leader of the civil rights movement, and Jackie Robinson, the first African American baseball player to play in the major leagues, were recognized as heroes for who and what they stood up for. What they have accomplished in their time improved the world people live in today. As years progressed, things have become different. The heroes in modern society , are very dissimilar from those in the past. …show more content…
Up until this time , and even in the future , they will have an impact on the world people live in today. Husain writes, “Heroes who have a great impact on their society are still influenced to a certain degree by the populace and the social conditions around them.” (Husain 67). Take, for example, Jackie Robinson. In a time when racism, or discrimination, was strongly prevalent, Robinson continued to fight for himself and those like him. Even though he was called many cruel, upsetting names simply because of the color of his skin, he remained one of the best on his team. In fact, he was such a superb player in 1949 , he won the award for Most Valuable Player. Robinson has paved a way for African Americans to play Major League Baseball. It took a significant amount of courage to get through his dreadful journey. Because of this, many people look up to him as their

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