The Importance Of Help To Seek Justice For Animals

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Help to Seek Justice for Animals
Almost all of us grew up by eating meat and going to zoos and some of us even had our beloved “pets” or beautiful birds that we bought from pet shops. We wore leather and silk, ate patties and fished. Have we never considered the impact of these actions on the animals? For whatever reason, we should now be asking ourselves a question: do animals have rights to live free? People have been arguing this for years. In my opinion, animals should deserve equal rights to live free just like humans do because humans are also animals. In this paper, I will argue why the view that animals have rights to live free is possibly true and to speak for those animals who cannot speak for themselves. Main body
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Helping animals is another way to respect animal rights. It is believed that some endangered animals are extremely sensitive to environment change or disease to which we need to pay particular attention. For instance, the national symbol of New Zealand—Kiwibirds have faced a challenge to survive due to intrusion by predators. The consequence is the reduction of its populations from five million to 50,000-60,000 over eighty years (Department of conservation, 2016). The department of conservation has now established several sanctuaries and breeding bases to bring this number up to 68,000. As can be seen, people have the ability to help endangered animals and this is quite necessary sometimes. Having the involvement of human protection is critical against animals’ natural enemies or other factors but more importantly, we respected their …show more content…
Everyone, no matter humans or animals, makes a unique and equal contribution to the world. So we should treat all living creatures equally. From the ocean to the sky, Earth has been an aesthetic wonder and a natural marvel with 8.7 million hosts altogether (Science Daily, 2011). It is because of the diversity of the species, we have our home. We have rights to do whatever we want but the rights that belong to animals have been deprived by us. Animals in factory farms, laboratories, zoos, circuses, and aquariums, they are all routinely beaten. We only see the remarkable performance but nobody sees what’s behind the scene. They are denied everything natural to them and isolated, burned, electrocuted, finally whipped into submission. They are left in cold cages, alone, until they are killed. Would you process that to be humane? But this is exactly what happens around you. We cannot deny that all lives should be treated equally but actually they are not. So we should act as we

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