The Importance Of Hell Week

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Lovingly referred to as Hell Week, the intense stage rehearsals leading up to the opening of The Nutcracker leave me completely exhausted. Add preparing for and taking college finals as a high school student and you have one worn out person. My first year of attempting to muddle through both of these individually stressful undertakings left me in a puddle of frustration and tears multiple times. Two years later, I finally have the system down and manage to strut through Hell Week like it’s a walk in the park. Through these hectic points in my life, I have learned to balance both my academics and extracurricular activities on an extremely busy schedule. While the balancing act between my involvement in ballet and my academic pursuits might …show more content…
Finding balance is very important in maintaining a healthy state of mind, and a healthy GPA. During my busiest time of the year, I dance up to 6 hours a day - often late into the night - while keeping up with intense assignments. My current schedule would be similar to the one I would have at the University of Washington studying biochemistry. To keep the strain from taking a toll on my mental health, I take regular yoga classes to relax my mind and wind down after a long day. Ballet classes also help immensely with getting my mind off the stress of assignments - the skill required to perfect my art takes utter concentration. If I apply the discipline and resilience necessary to be a ballet dancer to my studies, I will succeed in the art of …show more content…
The classes are difficult enough for me to feel challenged, and taught by highly qualified faculty that will inspire me to pursue my goals. When the stress of class inevitably arises and I am feeling overwhelmed, I can always contemplate my predicament with one of the many yoga clubs on campus. There are even ballet classes available for students to take. Maintaining the discipline practiced in ballet will be very helpful in managing a strict study plan necessary for my success in the difficult classes I plan to take. The University is overall a great environment for learning, there are so many opportunities for students to take advantage of both academically and extracurricularly. Being able to maintain the hobbies so vital to my success as a student, and the enticing challenge of difficult classes makes the University of Washington a fantastic choice of a school for

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