The Importance Of Healthy Living : A Study Of Obesity Essay

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The Importance of Healthy Living: A Study of Obesity
In the United States, it is estimated that approximately thirteen million children and a little over seventy-eight million adults diagnosed with diet-induced obesity. The ability of the body to regulate a sizeable amount of food consumed is a complex biology, which is designed to enable survival of the basic living form. The quality of available diet influences in great measure the overall health portfolio that an individual has. Increased consumption of fatty, high-calorie food as well as minimal to non-existent forms of physical activity among many different lives in the recent generations has fueled the reported cases of obesity. The repercussions have been diverse and dire and have damaging impacts on the society as a whole.
Obesity is a rampant lifestyle condition whereby an individual gains excess weight. This condition is characterized by a high overall rate of weight gain over a relatively short period. The situation is fuelled by constant reliance on poor dietary habits as well as poor exercising habits. Because of its nature, several chronic diseases have been linked to it. Of crucial concern are such fatal cases of diabetes and cancer strains. As obesity has increased over the last 30 years, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes has increased dramatically. The global numbers of people with diabetes( mainly type 2) are predicted to rise by almost 50% in 10 years—151 million in 2000 to 211million in 2010 (Zimmet,…

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