The Importance Of Healthy Food Habits

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Healthy food is vital ingredient to lead a healthy and prosperous life especially when you are expecting. It becomes more a matter of concern, when you have to take care of someone else’s life also apart from your own. Are you aware of the fact that your eating habits have congruent effect on your baby’s health? Whatever you eat, half or may be slightly more makes their headway to your baby’s tummy. That is why it is importantly said that eat meals enriched in proteins, calcium and vitamins so that your baby gets all the nutrition required at this juncture and will help him get a good kick-start in life.

• Whole Grains

Whole grains are high source of proteins and carbohydrates that are considered beneficial in your baby’s growth and development.
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Egg is packed with several nutrients namely Proteins, Vitamins A,D and B, Fats and minerals that make it a healthy food package during pregnancy. The Choline present in the eggs helps in boosting baby’s physical and mental growth. Some are also rich on Omega-3 fats essential for baby’s vision evolution. At this time your uterus grows multifold, your breast expands and half of your blood is passed to your baby. Consuming proteins in sufficient amount will prove to be beneficial for you and your baby as far as his development and your stamina is concerned.

• Sweet Potatoes

Every woman has to align her eating habits as per the developing baby’s requirements. You might not be so fond of sweet potatoes but the nutrition it comes packed with is vital for your baby’s overall advancement. It is equipped with Manganese, iron, Vitamins A and C and folate. Folate helps in development of fetus cell and
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Each comes with health packed minerals and nutrients namely magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and iron. When consumed by a pregnant lady, lentils act as boon for both the lady’s health and her baby’s development. Lentils are cholesterol free and enable smooth functioning of your metabolism thus keeping your digestive process intact.

• Yoghurt

Yoghurt preferably greek yoghurt is equipped with proteins, vitamins and calcium that fulfills all the nutrition essentials required to make your pregnancy a healthy one. Vitamin A is essential for your baby’s vision development. At the time of pregnancy, you might confront the cluster of infections, yeast infection being the most popular one. Intake of yoghurt will run out the risk of developing such infection and keep you and your baby protected.

• Bananas

Those delectable bananas are coupled with nutritious elements. Potassium rich bananas do not only stabilize your blood pressure but also bolsters your nervous system. During your pregnancy, half of your blood is shared with your little one inside thus leaving you with a need to build more blood supply. Vitamin B6 present in Bananas helps in forming red blood cells and Vitamin C combat any sort of ailments or infections that come your way, offering you and your baby a healthy

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