The Importance Of Health Promotion And Education

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Quality: The quality of health care treatment that Canadians receive is a controversial topic since it is something that medical institutions pride themselves in providing, however some patient experiences in these health care facilities differs. It is important that patients feel at home and comfortable while being in facilities, while receiving the utmost care and service. The long wait times, could hinder the quality of the experience a patient has causing them to feel frustrated and not important. It is essential that all health care professionals (paramedics, nurses, doctors) communicate with each other and enforce the same methods of treatment when it comes to tending to patient needs. “Communication failures are a major cause of adverse …show more content…
Educating students will help the younger generation be aware of health issues, symptoms and treatments surrounding their everyday lives. The students will be self-directed in terms of certain lifestyle choices (exercise and diet). Health promotion was being internationally recognized in the charter as a principal vehicle for “enabling people to learn about their health, throughout life, and to prepare themselves for all of its stages” (Quigley, Coady, Gregoire, Folinsbee & Kraglund-Gauthier, 2009). All educational professionals working within schools should be equipped with the knowledge of health promotion. If health promotion is being expanded at a global level and instilled into the lifestyle of children at young ages then a healthy lifestyle will be adapted and result in a longer lifespan. The idea of health promotion should not only fall on health professionals, but also teachers. Teachers should be viewed as educated health enablers, offering the benefits and positivity of living a healthy lifestyle. The school curriculum only offers health and physical activity, however that is not enough to help influence the lifestyle choices of children who have already adapted “poor” daily routines. By allowing children to gain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, it will delay the onset of many diseases, thus delaying their visits to the hospital ultimately reducing wait times. “Improving health, addressing inequities in health, building and sustaining healthy communities and health partnerships, and helping people gain control over the conditions that affect their health could be far better addressed. Working collaboratively with the health sector, adult education can play a key role in enabling citizens to learn their way toward better health” (Quigley et al, 2009). Students can be made aware of many

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