The Importance Of Health Informatics For Preventing Vaccine Preventable Diseases

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This article is about the path taken to discovering data sources for a research project and the importance of health informatics in assisting in the process. The research project is about the importance of childhood immunization and the role it plays in preventing vaccine-preventable diseases in children. With the threat of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, it is imperative that we take all necessary precautions to make sure we are protected against any such threats.
However, in order to conduct this research, there is going to be a heavy reliance on the personal computer(PC) and the connection to the World Wide Web to search several database, such as the CDC/WONDER/BRFSS, NIH, Pubmed, WONDER, etc., because these are all facets of the health information system.1
Data Source Location
Ever since the advent of the PC and the internet, healthcare professionals have relied on countless resources available at various databases in the cloud for information to assist in their researches and other profession duties. Some data source location for this article and research project are located at Oxford Journal of Medicine and Health: Clinical infectious Disease,2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Vaccine Safety,3 CDC WONDER (topics as needed)4, CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System(Tools)5, National Institute of Health: Vaccines,6 and PubMed (topics as needed).7 These are a few data sources where information can be obtained to provide answers to the…

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